Jim Kindig All Seasons TaxidermyWelcome, my name is Jim Kindig LT AE CT

Owner and operator of All Seasons Taxidermy

Over the years I have come to know that taxidermy is really an extension of my lifestyle, part of who I am.

Let me explain:

At an early age my parents instilled in me a true appreciation for the arts and outdoors. Countless hours down at the creek with B.B. gun or fishing pole in hand. Regular family hunting, fishing camping experiences positively impacted my life.

These activities were not debated but rather a way of life

For example, family members would come out to the farm at Thanksgiving. Nobody said we were going to hunt, but we always did. After being blessed with an out of this world meal many of us would excuse ourselves, head outside and pull our shotguns out of their cases. We would then take to the fields for a walk and if a Pheasant flushed, well we were more than willing to harvest the bird and have it for a future meal.

A single shot shotgun showed up on my 11th birthday!All Seasons Kindig Taxidermy Moose

Never ever will I forget the days squirrel, rabbit and Pheasant hunting with my Dad and Uncle Jack! The following Christmas I unwrapped a couple of do it yourself taxidermy kits. After clearing a spot out in the garage I mounted my first squirrel and pheasant.

Little did I know what the future would bring.

Creek fishing led to deep-sea fishing adventures. Deer hunting led to Alaskan Yukon moose hunting. Squirrel hunting led to mountain lion hunting in British Columbia. Rabbit hunting led to bear hunting in Ontario. Antelope hunting on the western plains God willing will lead me to plains game in Africa.

From my garage to a commercial buildingAbout Kindig Taxidermy Marion Iowa

Likewise my spot in the garage turned into a 2200 square foot commercial building where I own and operate All Seasons Taxidermy.

We have a complete showroom carefully laid out work area and we use state of the art methods equipment and supplies. The two taxidermy learning kits led to studying many videos, taxidermy journals, active membership in state, national, international and world level taxidermy associations were I traveled all over the united states to attend and compete in their respective annual seminars and competitions.

Many hours have been well spent one on one with a number of world champion taxidermist.

My first squirrel and pheasant mounts led to mounts as small as hummingbirds for a museum to as big as a life-size moose for a wildlife art gallery to as tall as a shoulder mount of a giraffe. Doing taxidermy for myself has led to performing taxidermy and related consulting work for hundreds of private individuals, many professional hunters and from time to time museum, college, county conservation centers wildlife artists and advertising agencies.

Reading articles in the National Taxidermist Associations “Outlook Magazine” and looking at reference photos in leading taxidermy journals led to them publishing articles I wrote and posted photos I had taken.

Watching national hunting videos and reading national hunting magazines led to appearing in the magazines and videos discussing taxidermy field care tips. They also shared pictures of world-class trophies their respective pro staffers harvested and that I had the privilege to mount. Some making the front cover.

Enjoying other artists work has led to allowing artists to use various mounts for reference purposes to assist them in their paintings.

Some have used my actual mount as the focal point of their painting and gone on to win art contests with them.

All Seasons Taxidermy IowaTaking personal photos of the outdoors and mounts of mine has led to professional photographers taking photos of my mounts and selling them in photo, poster and stationary form.

All a far cry from ” A kid with a couple of taxidermy kits in a garage “!